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Living your best life starts with finding and using the tools you need to build awareness, healthy habits, and a positive outlook. My name is Sean Mitchell, and I look forward to working with you, and embarking on a journey to wellness together. My approach to counseling is based on an existential and humanistic approach that emphasizes the importance of being one’s true self in order to lead the most fulfilling life. We all have our own unique ways of looking at the world and this involves having a core belief that people are good at heart, capable of making the right choices in life and can work towards developing their full potential.

I opened the doors of my private practice HealU, with a patient-focused methodology that’s proven to be effective for long and short term treatment. I’m pleased to offer my services in several sectors of therapy for my clients including Individual/Personal Therapy, Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling.

I am, also proud to have a practice that is very inclusive and open to persons of diverse identities and lifestyles.

I have respect for every person and their choices and I am a passionate listener who values clients I work with. I believe in openness and empowerment which enables individuals and couples gain confidence, power, authority, influence and increase control over their own lives and well-being.